Global Protests Planned to Fight the Persecution of LGBT Egyptians

EgyptOctober 5, 2014 – Reported by – Following recent anti-gay crackdowns by police, Egyptian activists have launched a social media campaign to draw international attention to the surveillance and persecution of the LGBT community there.

Using the hashtags #StandForEgyptLGBT and #SolidarityWithEgyptLGBT, organizers are asking people to voice their support ahead of coordinated protests outside Egyptian embassies worldwide, planned for Oct. 18 (#18Oct_EgyLGBT)…

The call to arms comes in the wake of several incidents that highlight the dangers that LGBT citizens face in Egypt. Though sex between people of the same gender in a private setting is not technically illegal, workaround morality laws mean that individuals can be imprisoned for up to 17 years. Anti-discrimination laws pertaining to LGBT individuals are nonexistent.

This harsh reality was clearly demonstrated when a video depicting two men exchanging rings on a boat in the Nile, surrounded by cheering friends, was posted online. Described as Egypt’s first gay marriage (even though same-sex marriage is not legal in the country), the event is said to have taken place in April but went viral in late August and has led to widespread debate.

via Global Protests Planned to Fight the Persecution of LGBT Egyptians.

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