UN Adopts Resolution to Protect LBGT Rights

UN FlagsSeptember 28, 2014 – Reported by TeleSur – Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia participated in drafting the resolution.

The United Nations Human Rights Council Friday adopted a resolution against anti-LGBT violence and discrimination that was pushed forward by Latin American and European countries.

The international body in Geneva approved the resolution by a 25-14 vote margin after more than an hour of debate.

Latin American and European countries had joined together to push for the resolution aimed at ending homophobic violence, despite strong opposition from Russia, Islamic and African states.

The European Union, Italy and Ireland said the resolution would help improve the difficult situation in which many gays and lesbians are forced to live in. While the United States also signed the resolution, Latin America made the first move on protecting gay rights.

The  U.N. resolution was drafted by Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Chile argued that voting against it would effectively condone violence against “millions of people around the world on the basis of sexual orientation.”

On this issue, Cuba and Venezuela throws its lot in with the West. With a renewed vision of social justice promoted by Latin American leaders like Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez — left-leaning governments in the region have made radical strides in gay rights. Unlike in the United States, sex reassignment surgery is covered by health insurance in Cuba and Argentina.

Latin American governments also approved a series of smaller measures, including anti-discrimination laws in Cuba, Bolivia, and Venezuela, and the decriminalization of homosexuality in Nicaragua and Panama. In Mexico City and Argentina, same-sex couples may legally adopt. And in Brazil and Mexico, openly gay government officials have won elections…

via UN Adopts Resolution to Protect LBGT Rights | News | teleSUR.

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