Malaysia: Transgender people face ‘systematic repression’

South East AsiaSeptember 25, 2014 – Reported by the Montreal Gazette – Transgender people — as well as gay and lesbian folks — probably should think twice about vacationing in Malaysia. Human Rights Watch, a U.S.-based organization, issued a report today describing the “systematic repression, harassment and mistreatment” of trans people by authorities in that country, an AFP report on the Al Jazeera site says. A rights group is reportedly urging the government to repeal its anti-trans laws.

Says the report: Abuses “include arrest, assault and extortion by authorities, public shaming of transgender people by forcing them to strip off their women’s clothing in public, and barriers to healthcare, employment and education.”

And, apparently, males and females can be imprisoned there for cross-dressing.

Hmm . . . So just what is a woman supposed to wear in that country? Would blue jeans be considered “cross-dressing.”

Gay and lesbian people should also think twice about vacationing there: “Gay sex is punishable by up to 20 years in prison,” the AFP report says.

Click here to read the Human Rights Watch report.

— Jillian

via Malaysia: Transgender people face ‘systematic repression’ — reports | Montreal Gazette.

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