The sham marriages of convenience protecting gay Asians

UN FlagsSeptember 22, 2014 – Reported by The Independent – Tariq lives alone, but you’d never know that if you visited his flat. All around his home are all the signs of a happy marriage, despite his wife living a few miles away. It’s a deception she willingly goes along with, however. She is a lesbian, he is gay, and neither can bear to tell their families – opting instead for the pretence of life as a straight couple through a marriage of convenience, which Tariq admits is a “farce” but might stop his wife from being killed by her parents.

“It’s all about the little details to make it look like she’s living with me,” he says, explaining how they convince their parents they live together thanks to “her belongings scattered around my flat, her books on the coffee table, having her favourite food in the cupboard, anniversary cards saying how much we love each other on the mantelpiece”.

Tariq and his wife are both from south Asian origin, and believe it would be impossible – and dangerous – for them to reveal their true sexuality to their families due to cultural pressures. Hundreds of others just like them are seeking fellow gay partners of the opposite sex for sham marriages to escape the pressure from their demanding relations…

via The sham marriages of convenience protecting gay Asians – Home News – UK – The Independent.

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