On Indonesian TV, transgender people are made to repent

indonesiaSept 3, 2014 – Reported by TheConversation.com – A transgender woman with heavy makeup, a red wig and dressed in pink is chased by her pimp’s henchmen. A young woman hides her in her house.

So begins the TV drama, a story of repentance of a transgender person. In a supposedly happy ending, the transgender woman “returns” to being a man and marries the young woman.

In the film “Insyafnya Seorang Waria” (Realisation of a transgendered woman) the lead role transformed into a heterosexual man.

To celebrate the Islamic holy month Ramadan and the Eid Fitr, Indonesian television station RCTI recently ran the TV drama Insyafnya seorang waria, which loosely translates as “Realisation of a transgendered woman”.

The film has drawn criticism from LGBT rights organisations in Indonesia for its misrepresentation of transgender people. Some members of the LGBT group protested through the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, a government body that oversees implementation of broadcasting law in Indonesia. They have yet to receive feedback from the commission or the television station…Click below for the full article with links…

via On Indonesian TV, transgender people are made to repent.

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