South Africa: Gay and Not Free in South Africa

SouthAfricaAugust 20, 2014 – Reported by All – A gay man from the DRC claims the Congolese community in South Africa will not rest until they kill him. Junior Miteo Kalonji, 34, wept hard as he talked about his life. GroundUp had to stop the interview three times when he broke down.

On 11 August, Kalonji says he was attacked by two Congolese men who stole R2,500 from him. He does not know where they stay nor their full names.

Kalongi became a refugee in South Africa in May 2009. He fled his country because his life was in danger, he says. The family of his boyfriend, Erick Lukala, disapproved of their relationship. The father, a high ranking soldier in the military, threatened to throw his son in jail. Lukala committed suicide.

“Because of this I moved from my family in Lubumbashi and went to stay in Kolwezi, 400 km away,” said Kalonji. “My boyfriend’s family continued to attack my family. They were searching for me. They blamed their son’s death on me. Some of the family members are here in Cape Town. One lives in Observatory, where I am also living, the others in Parow and Maitland. Whenever they see me in public, they shout at me and say one day you will die”.

“When my father realised the situation was out of hand, he organised a passport and sponsored my trip to Cape Town. Besides the war between Lukala’s family and ours, my dad was relieved that he finally got an opportunity to get rid of me. Both him and my mother including the whole family were ashamed of my gay life; my parents are high profile people”.

via South Africa: Gay and Not Free in South Africa.

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