Namibia: Asylum Based On Sexual Orientation

Africa - BannerAugust 12, 2014 – Reported by – A UGANDAN man obtained an urgent injunction from the High Court on 7 August 2014 to stop Namibia from deporting him while his application for asylum is considered.

According to press reports, he stated that persecution in his home country on the grounds of sexuality would entitle him to refugee status under both Namibian law and international law (“Home Affairs loses bid to deport Ugandan gay”, The Namibian, 8 August 2014). As a matter of law, the Ugandan asylum seeker is correct: people at risk of persecution for their homosexuality must be protected.

Namibia has not had to deal with a large variety of refugees in the past. The vast majority of those who have sought refuge in this country have been running from civil war in countries like Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their numbers have been dwindling since peace has gained a foothold in countries surrounding Namibia, with the population of the Osire refugee camp dropping to less than 3,000 people.

But war is not the only reason why someone might be forced to leave their country of origin, and seek asylum across the border…

via Namibia: Asylum Based On Sexual Orientation.

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