Annulling Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law: General Museveni Plays ‘Political Condom’ With Lives Of LGBT

Uganda Flag on MapAugust 10, 2014 – Reported by BlackStarNews – Today’s announcement by Uganda’s Constitutional Court that it had annulled the Anti-Gay law signed by Gen. Yoweri Museveni in February comes as no surprise to The Black Star News.

The court said Parliament in Uganda had passed the law without proper quorum.

This is what we wrote in a Black Star commentary on June 22 this year: “Officials close to the Ugandan regime believe that as U.S. sanctions escalate the government will quickly scrap its anti-Gay law by allowing a court there to rule that it’s unconstitutional. The Uganda courts are packed with judges handpicked by the country’s long-time ruler of 28 years and many rulings are pre-determined. A case was filed in the Constitutional Court challenging the law soon after it was signed and some analysts believe [that] it had a wink of approval from Gen. Museveni, the cunning Ugandan ruler.”

Ever the master-manipulator, Gen. Museveni has been playing with the lives of Uganda’s LGBT community especially since 2009 when he realized that demonizing them could win him votes.

On that occasion he also faced elections two years down the line; in 2011. So he unleashed a witchhunt through his acolytes including Member of Parliament David Bahati.

A tabloid called Rolling Stone published pictures of people suspected of being Gay under the headline “Hang Them.” It’s believed this was the kind of environment, state-sanctioned Gay hatred, that led to increased assaults against the LGBT community and the murder of leading activist David Kato on Jan. 26, 2011…

via Annulling Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law: General Museveni Plays ‘Political Condom’ With Lives Of LGBT | Black Star News.

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