Stop Shame Tests in Lebanon Police stations

Flag_of_the_Lebanese_RepublicJuly 8, 2014 – Reported By Dr. Hasan Abdessamad – Five men were dragged to a police station where a forensic doctor was called to “medically assess” their sexual orientation! The men were exposed to an anal test by inserting an egg-shaped metallic instrument in the anus to “check” if they were gay.

This is not a sad story from the 50s. This actually just happened in Lebanon in the past month.

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) just came out with a position statement on this issue and stressed the following:

The Lebanese Order of Physicians (LOP) should take responsibility for the actions of one of its members and discipline the doctor involved in this scandal.

Homosexuality is a normal variation of human sexuality and therefore not a medical or psychiatric condition that requires diagnosis or treatment.

LebMASH is willing to provide LOP members with cultural competency training on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issues.

LebMASH urges the LOP to issue an official statement, similar to those issued in July of 2013 by the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) and Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA), asserting that homosexuality is not a disease and that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality.

Law enforcement agencies in Lebanon should abide by Lebanon’s commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

LebMASH calls on lawyers and judges to stop using Article 534 of the Lebanese penal code to criminalize homosexuals since the sexual act between two consenting adults of the same gender is not “against nature.”

via Stop Shame Tests in Lebanon Police stations « Dr. Hasan Abdessamad.

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