Rainbow Refugees Association of Nova Scotia (RRANS) Update – June 2014

Rainbow Refugee

As reported June 9, 2014 by our friends at RRANS:

Dear RRANS supporters and friends,

Sorry it has been so long since we have provided an activities update. It’s been a busy 8 months since the arrival of Navid and Hadi, in November of last year. In that time we have supported the refugees’ settlements needs, raised more money, expanded our board, and shared the story of what we are doing at conferences,  gatherings and through media interviews.

Update on the Refugees 

Navid and Hadi are both doing well. Navid continues in full-time English classes and is working part-time on computer programming related work. He is also volunteering at ISIS (Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services) with other newcomers. Hadi is working full-time at the Delta Barrington and is hoping to continue evening English classes. RRANS is also helping to support a third Iranian refugee, Pedram, who arrived in December as a government sponsored refugee. We furnished an apartment for him and have connected him with settlement services. He is in English classes full-time and working part-time at a café.

Continued here…

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