IGLHRC Publishes New 5-Country Report on Violence against LBTs in Asia


Published May 6th 2014 by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC): The groundbreaking report, VIOLENCE: Through the Lens of Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Transgender People in Asia, documents the violence and exclusion faced by LBT people in every sphere of their lives. The research was carried out by Gay Japan News, KRYSS in Malaysia, O in Pakistan, Rainbow Rights Project of the Philippines, and Women’s Support Group, Sri Lanka and was spearheaded by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. The report confirms the grave consequences of homophobia and transphobia. In Sri Lanka, more than two-thirds of respondents reported surviving physical violence and more than half reported sexual violence. Across all of the countries, family members were among the most frequent and harmful perpetrators. More

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