The Scandal Around Uganda’s ‘Anti-Gay’ UN Appointee Is No Easy Fix

UN Logo on BlueVice News on June 2 Reports:

UN member states are coming under fire for appointing Sam Kutesa, Uganda’s corrupt, homophobic foreign minister as the next president of the General Assembly.

It’s a scandal with no easy fix, and one that lays bare the awkward arrangements that hold the UN together.

Traditionally, the presidency of the General Assembly rotates annually between the UN’s five geographic regions. Leaders from each region decide on a representative among themselves and their choice is then rubber-stamped by the remaining member states.

Kutesa was chosen months ago by the African Union as their sole candidate and — barring unprecedented intervention — will be accepted to the post “by acclamation” on June 11. He would not begin his term until September, when the current president, John Ash of Antigua and Barbuda, finishes his.

Continued on Vice News.

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