Pride parade lets Iranian show his true colours without fear

On Jun 2, 2014 Winnipeg Free Press reported: Pride Winnipeg’s 2014 grand marshal, Hamed, 29, used to fear for his life growing up in Iran.

Being gay was outlawed in his native country, so he couldn’t risk telling anyone about his true identity.

“Through Muslim religion, you can’t be homosexual at all. Even if you are, they’re going to kill you,” said Hamed.

On Sunday, his life came full circle as he led the proceedings at the 27th annual Pride parade in Winnipeg.

“Today I was the centre of attention somehow, and that was a really good experience, but it was very different for me,” he said after the parade.

Shades and good spirits were the only requirements for attending Sunday’s flagship event, which parade and rally director, Ryan Zacharias, estimated drew about 10,000 people to the Manitoba legislature and its surrounding area….

Canada  Exerpted.

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