Muslim youths lynch gay man in Ghana and are still hunting his lover

Ghana flagOn May 27, 2014 Gay Star News reported: A gang of Muslim vigilantes in Accra, Ghana are seeking to hunt down an alleged gay man after they lynched a man they believed to be his lover

A gang of Muslim youths are wanted by Ghanaian police over the lynching murder of a gay man but their local community is refusing to cooperate with authorities to help catch them and they are reportedly still trying to hunt down a man they believe was his lover.The man believed to be the lover of the lynched man barely escaped a similar fate but was tipped off by relatives that the mob of around 30 youths was coming for him.The man who is on the run had been living in the Muslim dominated Accra suburb of Nima for some time and was widely believed by locals to be a homosexual.Local clerics had advised him to repent but the trouble really started when another gay man moved to the area and locals suspected them of being in a relationship with each other.Two youths confronted the men over what they said was them flaunting their relationship and the lynched man struck them, resulting in a scuffle.The two youths then gathered a mob of around 30 people and broke into the home of the man who had struck them.Police are investigating but are not hopeful they will make arrests.  Continued

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