Petition | Cancel Aidah’s removal directions immediately

UK FlagOn May 21, 2014 published this petition: Aidah Asaba is a young traumatised lesbian from Uganda who fled harassment and persecution and therefore sought refuge on the basis of her sexuality in the United Kingdom. She is currently under immediate threat of removal to Uganda and at risk of imprisonment and torture upon arrival. She has received removal directions for Saturday the 24th of May and we therefore urgently need you to support Aidah by signing and sharing this petition widely!

Aidah’s case has been refused in the fast track system without being given a chance to find proper solicitors nor time to gather evidence. If sent back to Uganda she runs the risk of being arrested at the airport, detained and imprisoned for years. Her name and case have widely appeared in Ugandan newspapers and come to the attention of the police and local authorities. She will be an easy target for rape, torture and killing either in the prison or by a homophobic mob.

On February 24, 2014 the Ugandan president Museveni signed the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill which includes life sentences for so-called ‘aggravated homosexuality’. Within the following days the newspaper Red Pepper published a list with the full names and photographs of 200 alleged homosexuals. David Kato, a prominant LGBTI activist, was killed a few days after a similar list was published in 2011. The bill, the lists and the murder of David Kato are illustrative for the extremely violent climate and hatred towards LGBTIs in Uganda.

The UK Home Office does not believe that Aidah is a lesbian, but they do not allow Aidah enough time to present evidence. Furthermore, prominent LGBTI advocates of respected Ugandan organisations such as Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and Edwin Sesange of the Out & Proud Diamond Group are, contrary to the Home Office, convinced of Aidah’s honesty and ready to put their names forward in her support.

It is unacceptable that Aidah has been put in the fast track system, which deprived her from the chance to collect the required evidence in time. She needs her removal directions to be withdrawn immediately so that she can finalise and submit a strong fresh asylum claim.

Please call on the UK Home Office to cancel Aidah’s removal directions immediately and agree to reconsider her case. Help us save Aidah and sign and share this petition widely!

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