Imprisoned lesbians gain an advocate in Cameroon

On May 8, 2014 76 CRIMES  reported: Attorney Michel Togué has taken on the case of  two lesbians,  Liliane and Nicole, who were arrested and jailed on homosexuality charges in Ebolowa in southern Cameroon.

The women, imprisoned 160 kilometers south of Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé, had previously lacked representation. Togué is one of a handful of lawyers in Cameroon who accept LGBT defendants and prisoners as clients.

The women have been imprisoned since November 2013, when they were arrested on charges of homosexual behavior involving another woman.

In a hearing today (May 8), action on their case was delayed until June 12 to hear testimony from the woman testifying against them, Togué said. That means the women, who have not been convicted of any crime, face the likelihood that they will not be released from prison until at least seven months after their arrest.  Cameroon flagContinued


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