Gay Asylum Seeker To Be Deported to Nigeria from Iceland

Immigration officer shootsOn Apr 25, 2014 The Reykjavik Grapevine reported: An asylum seeker from Nigeria will be deported from Iceland, despite the fact that he could face severe physical punishment in his home country, simply for being gay.

RÚV reports that the Ministry of the Interior has, for the second time, confirmed the decision of the Directorate of Immigration to deport the asylum seeker. He will soon be sent to Italy, where the international press has already exposed the atrocious conditions refugees endure. The basis for this decision is – as has been the case many times before with asylum seekers in Iceland – the Dublin Regulation, which gives signatory countries the right to deport asylum seekers to their previous point of departure, although these countries are not obligated to do so.

However, Article 19 of said regulation also stipulates that government authorities must provide an answer within a year of the asylum application being submitted. The asylum seeker in question has already waited about a year and a half for a response.

From Italy, he will likely be sent to Nigeria. Being gay, he could face severe punishments simply for his sexual orientation. These punishments include 20 lashes, as the BBC recently reported, or heavy fines and imprisonment.

via The Reykjavik Grapevine – Life, Travel and Entertainment in Iceland / Gay Asylum Seeker To Be Deported.

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