‘Eat The Poo-Poo’ Anti-Gay Pastor In Hot Water For Ironic Reason

On Apr 25, 2014 UgandaHuffington Post reported: Anti-homosexuality Pastor Martin Ssempa, perhaps best known for his so-called “eat the poo-poo” lecture, is now being accused of promoting homosexual behavior in his home country of Uganda.

In an article for Uganda’s First Class Magazine, writer Paul Kaliisa, of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, claims Ssempa spreads “gayism” through his lectures and gay porn screenings at churches. Under the African nation’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, which was signed into law February 2014, Ssempa could potentially get jail time for allegedly encouraging homosexual behavior — precisely what he claims to advocate against.

Kaliisa’s harshly worded article reads, in part:

[Ssempa] has on a number of occasions showed gay porn to members of the congregation on a projector. He explains to the Church what the homosexuals do step by step baring all and hiding nothing. Pastor Ssempa has homosexual porn on his laptop and all his gadgets. He almost seems obsessed with it. … Pastor Ssempa easily comes off as Uganda’s number one and strongest fighter homosexuality but in truth, he is Uganda’s number one promoter of the vice. He is promoting the things of these monsters and destroyers of man-kind [all sic].  Continued

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