Namibia jails gay teen fleeing Ugandan hate

UgandaOn Apr 10, 2014 Gay Star News reported: The 18-year-old staged a prison break but was picked up by a police roadblock and thrown back in jail, an LGBTI activist claims

An 18-year-old Ugandan gay has been detained since last year in Namibia after he fled his country over its anti-gay laws.

Chris Kelly and a group of other LGBTI people from Uganda paid truck drivers to transport them out of the country so that they seek asylum status in Namibia and South Africa.

Wendelinus Hamutenya, one of leading LGBTI rights campaigners in Namibia, told Gay Star News he was in possession of a letter smuggled out from Narraville prison cells in the coastal town of Walvis Bay. Kelly has been detained there since last December.

In the letter Kelly wrote how he escaped Uganda on 20 November 2013 with five other gay, believed to include at least one couple. The group split at the Zambia border with some of them heading to Namibia and others travelling to South Africa.

But Kelly was subsequently arrested in Namibia and thrown in jail.

GSN understands Kelly had been helped to escape the Narraville police station and seek assistance at Osire Refugee Camp but was captured at a roadblock and sentence to six months in jail.

‘How Namibia could detain Kelly and others? Namibia is a signatory to various treaties – if they are not given asylum then our government is barbaric,’ Hamutenya told Gay Star News.

He called on the United Nations and human rights organizations to intervene in the case.  Continued


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