Gay Russian Couple Marries and Seeks Asylum in Argentina

Russian Flag - bannerOn Apr 7, 2014 Passport Magazine News reported:  Russian men recently married in Buenos Aires, Argentina are now seeking asylum in the South American country claiming extreme discrimination if they were to return home. A large crowd gathered at the civil registry in the San Nicolas neighborhood to celebrate their union, as well as draw attention to the need for countries to protect gay and lesbian Russians. The Buenos Aires Herald describes the wedding: “Dressed in matching outfits, which featured pinned-on flowers with the colors of the Russian flag, they walked hand-in-hand, their eyes fixated on the doors of the marriage office, in an act that could be considered a criminal offense in modern Russia, where a law prohibiting “gay propaganda” was passed just last year, effectively prohibiting anyone from acknowledging being part of a sexual minority.”

“They’ve come to seek political asylum. They can’t go back to Russia because they’ll be arrested,” explained gay-rights activist Alex Freyre who wed the first gay couple in Argentina in December 2009.

Argentina’s National Commission for Refugees will review the couple’s case.


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