Hong Kong gov says no to consultation on equal rights for LGBT people

Southeast AsiaOn Jan 16, 2013 Gay Star News reported: In annual policy address Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung confirms that there will be no public consultation on sexual orientation discrimination

Hong Kong’s government has confirmed that they will not be conducting a public consultation into the discrimination of sexual minorities.

In the annual policy address released today, a document which outlines the government’s priorities for the year, a section on ‘People of Different Sexual Orientation’ reads:

‘Last November, this Council discussed whether an anti-discrimination law is needed to protect people of different sexual orientation. The society is deeply divided over this issue. Some are in support from the perspective of equal opportunity. Others are concerned that launching a consultation exercise may deal a blow to family, religion and education. The Government understands that this is a highly controversial issue which must be tackled cautiously. We will continue to listen to different views from various sectors. At present, we have no plan to conduct consultation.’

The statement refers to a vote in the legislative council on 7 November 2012 in which lawmakers rejected a motion to hold a public consultation into equality for sexual and gender identity minorities.

‘How can launching a consultation deal a blow to family, religion and education?’ questioned Hong-Kong-based gay rights activist Anshuman Das in response to today’s announcement.  Continued

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