Jamaica paper publish anti-gay hate cartoon for Christmas

ed-cart-tues-25-dec-_w452On Dec 28, 2012 Gay Star News reported: One of the Jamaica’s most widely read papers has published an anti-gay cartoon designed to inflame hate, say LGBT rights advocates

The Jamaica Observer, one of the country’s main daily papers, published an anti-gay editorial cartoon on Christmas Day (25 December), designed, according to local gay activists, to inflame hate.

The cartoon is meant, according to Jamaican activists, to foment hate by ridiculing gays and depicting them as a threat to young boys.

The cartoon depicts a young boy undisturbed by men dressed in scary Jonkanoo parade costumes, a Jamaican Christmas custom, yet terrified of a gay stereotyped in an offensive effeminate manner.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Jamaican LGBT rights advocate and lawyer Maurice Tomlinson, criticized the paper saying: ‘This cartoon is the latest in a series by the Observer meant to vilify and further stigmatize gay Jamaicans.

‘This kind of negative imagery makes it harder for gays to be seen as equals in society and deserving of health care and other essential services.

‘In the face of the extremely high level of homophobia in Jamaica (measured at 82% in a 2011 University of the West Indies, Mona study) these actions by the Observer are extremely irresponsible and do not accord with ethical standards for reporting the news.

‘In fact, such cartoons contribute to the virulent hate Jamaicans have towards LGBT citizens.  Continued