Court to challenge Jamaica TV stations ban on pro-gay ads

ROW_icon News Update BannerOn Dec 15, 2013 Gay Star News reported: A Jamaican court has begun a historic deliberation on whether two Jamaican TV stations rejection to air paid pro-gay ads breached the country’s constitution

Maurice Tomlinson, a Jamaican gay activist, had recently sued the two station alleging they breached Jamaica’s constitutional charter on fundamental rights and freedoms by refusing the air the pro-gay ads.

During the first hearing on 12 December the court assigned three judges for the constitutional case and marked the next formal hearing to take place from 27 to the 31 of May, 2013.

It is the first time that a case between two ‘private’ individuals has dealt with such a constitutional challenge, as the TV stations are defined as ‘private citizens,’ and are being sued by Tomlinson, who is also a lawyer for the NGO AIDS-Free world, for a breach of a constitutional right.

South Africa is the only other country where such a legal challenge is possible.

The TV stations, TVJ and CVM, are represented by well-respected senior counsel, emphasizing yet again the significance of the case.  Continued