Ugandan LGBT Leader Says Kill The Gays Bill Could Die Tomorrow

Africa - Uganda Flag on MapOn Dec 13, 2012 the Advocate reported: On a conference call hosted by the Center for Constitutional Rights today, Ugandan LGBT activist Frank Mugisha said the country’s so-called Kill The Gays Bill could die a procedural death as early as tomorrow.

Unless Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga asks for an extension of the parliamentary session, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill could fall without a vote when parliament closes for the year on December 15. The Speaker is in Italy today, visiting the Pope, but could still call for an extended session, said Mugisha. The executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda also noted that even if the bill dies this year, it could easily be picked up again in the 2013 session.

“It is important to note that Parliament is most likely to close tomorrow, the 14th of December, or the 20th of December,” said Mugisha on a conference call this afternoon. The Speaker has indicated that she might ask for an extension to the 20th .If parliament closes tomorrow, that means this session will have closed before the antigay bill is debated. And then we’ll wait until January when Parliament reconvenes.”

Mugisha was careful not to downplay the animus toward LGBT people that continues in the east African nation, despite the bill’s potential downfall.  Continued.