Are You Proud to Support Refugees?

s of 15 December 2012, it may be tougher to protect refugees in Canada. Join us in showing Canadians and the world why we are still proud to protect refugees and refugee rights.

The Canadian Council for Refugees is suggesting that refugee advocates and allies find some way to publicly mark the birth of this new system. We are proposing the slogan ‘Proud to protect refugees’ in Canada, to send a positive message about refugees, in the face of the negative discourse and restrictive changes.

Get involved anProud to protect refugees badged show your pride in protecting refugees in Canada. Here are some ideas of actions and activities to get you started. Other actions under the slogan ‘Proud to protect refugees in Canada’ are welcome as well!

  • Post why you are proud to protect refugees in Canada through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.) on 14 or 15 December (or later!). We’ve designed a special ‘Proud to protect refugees’ badge for you to add to your profile pictures and written some ready-made tweets. Or share your own reasons why you are proud to protect refugees and use #proudtoprotectrefugees
  • Drop a ‘Proud to protect refugees’ banner outside of your home or office.
  • Hold a vigil highlighting the contributions of refugees and refugee claimants near you.
  • Create ‘Proud to protect refugees’ stickers or buttons to show your pride.
  • Write a letter to the editor to a media outlet near you explaining why you are proud to protect refugees.

Sample tweets: #protectrefugees, #proudtoprotectrefugees

#protectrefugees from the impacts of new rules for Canada’s refugee system. For info: #cdnrfg #cdnimm #cdnpoli

#proudtoprotectrefugees from the impacts of Bill C-31: #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

#proudtoprotectrefugees in Canada. Are you? Everyone deserves freedom & dignity. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

#proudtoprotectrefugees in Canada. Everyone has a right to freedom, dignity & respect. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

#proudtoprotectrefugees Let’s keep Canada safe for refugees. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

#proudtoprotectrefugees Let’s keep Canada a haven for refugees. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli