Cameroon pro gay lawyer gets death threats

GayStarNews Reports:

Alice Nkom a prominent lawyer and pro LGBT rights advocate from Cameroon has received several death threats via text messages.

Cameroon lawyer Alice Nkom, who is known for defending gays and lesbians in a country where homosexuality is outlawed, stated that she has been receiving death threats from anonymous callers over her stance.

Talking to AFP Nkom said: ‘Since October 18, I have become the victim of anonymous death threats,’ she said, adding that she has been warned to stop defending LGBT people.

‘In the beginning, there were calls at four o’clock in the morning. Now they are sending texts.’

One such text message read: ‘Lesbian whore, it’s your turn to suffer. Watch your back well as your security is very weak. We will give you a demonstration when the moment comes. No respite for gays in our country.’

The latest SMS arrived at 3am yesterday (23 October), stating that she will be harmed during her participation in a public debate about homosexuality taking place tomorrow in Yaoundé: ‘Rendezvous in two days. Wait and see what will happen’.

Nkom said that the threats also targeted her children, but she vowed that they ‘cannot discourage me from my fight’.

Nkom is one of the few public figures in Cameroon that fights for LGBT rights. Continued. Read the whole article at GayStarNews.