UPDATE: Augustas Dennie’s sliver of hope

On Oct 12, 2012  Xtra! Reports:

Coalition forming to help refugee claimant stay in Canada

Augustas Dennie is a week away from his exit interview.

Dennie, who came before a Canada Border Services Agency official Oct 11, has until Oct 19 to produce some medical records. After he hands them over, he will be fingerprinted and given a plane ticket. An official will conduct an interview with Dennie, and his removal will be all but a fait accompli.
But there is still one sliver of hope.
Craig Cromwell, LGBT settlement coordinator at the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, accompanied Dennie to the Oct 11 hearing. He says that once Dennie’s departure date is finalized, they can begin the process to postpone his deportation. Dennie’s lawyer will submit the request, along with letters from Dennie’s friends, service providers and support workers to bolster the claim. If approved, Dennie will be allowed to stay until the judicial review of his pre-removal risk assesment is complete.
If that effort fails, Dennie will be deported. The date is tentatively set for Nov 8.
But Dennie has friends in his corner. Along with Cromwell, his friend Ranjith Kulatilake — who serves as equity coordinator of the Rainbow Health Network — has vowed to launch a campaign to keep Dennie here. The two are planning to cobble together a coalition of activists and support workers to pressure the government to step in and keep Dennie in Canada.
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